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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rediscovering Forgotten Things

Hi there dolls, 

So, Last night I was just relaxing and spending some much needed downtime on the couch.  I really love to cruise around artistic and high fasion web sites such as Nylon and Vogue.  They are such great tools for inspiration and expanding my creativity whether it be on myself or clients. 

This got me to thinking that there are so many items in my makeup collection that I have barely ever used but still really love.  After going up to my Vanity and poking through my stash I decided that the next morning when I got up to get ready for work I was GOING To use some of these products.  I always tend to go for the same neutral or purple smokey eye, peach or pale pink cheeks and nude lip. 

You see over the last while I have really found tones and techniques that work for me and that I find flattering with my coloring.  I also work about sixty hours a week so I have really stuck to certain products, textures and techniques that will look polished, show of my ability and be VERY VERY long lasting.  Long lasting is pretty much my number one criteria in really being a holly grail product. Other then lipstick and lip gloss I am really not a touch up kind of girl..... No time!!!!

So in these below FOTD's I decided to get some use of MAC's superslick liners.  They are great products but there are a coulpe thing about them that haven't kept them in my daily rotation.  First of all thy are very thin in consistency, and you really have to layer them.  Some shades more then others but the more you build the product the more they get a little chunky and flaky on your lid.  I just find that they don't look as clean and crisp as a gel liner (as you will see in the below pictures).  They are also really difficult to not get in you lases, even just the tiniest bit really messes with your mascara application.  I do however love the applicator.  It is a little easier to apply a precise line providing you aren't building the product very much.  I also love that they are water proof as my eyes tend to go through stages when they can be extremely watery.  I also really love the range of unique and rich colors offered and that the finish when dried has almost a wet look to it.
(Please excuse my hilarious t-shirt.  Its my boyfriends old Calgary Flames gym shirt.  I sometimes ware it to bed... So comfy)

The other products I choose for my look, which I rarely use are are MAC's Dazzleglass in "Rags to Riches" and MAC Shadow in Humid.  I think the Dazzleglasses are a beautiful product but this particular one is just so sparkly I find that the sparkles in it can really migrate and tend to get all over my face after just a couple hours of ware.  Just doesn't look clean or tidy on me when I'm not wanting to do touch ups every hour.  I really have nothing bad to say about Humid.  I actually really love it.  I find it very pigmented and very easily blended.  It just isn't a color I have recently reached for often. 

In tune with wanting to switch things up a bit I decided to not use any color on the cheek but instead a contouring and highlight.   Also instead of using Humid to darken my crease or my out V I used it on my lower lashline. 

Have you ever feel like you want to switch things up?
What is your number one criteria in finding a HG product?

Thanks to anyone that stops by to read.... you have no idea how much it means to me.  I just hope that you will keep checking back for all my make up babble.


  1. Wow, amazing photos, amazing you! :)


  2. Thank you SOO much!!! I'm saving for a Cannon camera right now. I literally want one so bad I dream about it. LOL